news updated: 05 Mar 2014

DOR 2013 & 2014

Following the success of Day of the Region 2013 (see photos), Lochmaben has been accepted as a participant in DOR 2014. Would you like to join in?

Day of the Region 2013 photos & video:

Thanks to Paul McLaughlin for most of the photos and to Beverley Wilkinson for the video

Day of the Region 2014 

Lochmaben has just been accepted as a participant in DOR 2014. A new committee has been formed:
Bev Wilkinson, Andrea McRobert, Mark McRobert, Mary Park, Kenelma
McCrae, Danny Ratcliffe, Fraser Ratcliffe and Sheona Muir.
Contact details:
Bev Wilkinson (Chair):   Tel: 811321
Sheona Muir (Sec):   Tel: 811040
The proposal is to hold the 2014 event on 12 & 13 September 2014
GROUPS WHO WHISH TO BE INVOLVED at present– Sailing Club, Tennis Club, Pipe Band, Sing for Fun, Kenelma McCrae (Cupcakes), Kickboxing, JayBees, Danny & Fraser Ratcliffe (Music), Carl Dawber (Archery).
If any other groups wish to be involved please contact Bev or Sheona or any other member of the committee as soon as possible.