news updated: 28 Feb 2014

Castle Loch Project Manager appointed

The Castle Loch Community Trust have just appointed Darren Flint as Project Manager for the Castle Loch.

Article in the Annandale Herald said:

A new era has dawned for the Castle Loch. This week the Castle Loch Community Trust Steering Group  (CLCTSG) move into their newly purchased premises of Lochfield Cottage and welcomed their new Project Manager to his new role.

Darren Flint who lives in Moffat is getting to know the Project and the area and plans to get out and about to meet residents of the Royal Burgh as he pushes forward with the Castle Loch plans. 
He has worked for the RSBP in Bedfordshire for the last 10 years and has also completed an MSc in in Conservation with distinction at University College, London.
Darren said: "My role as part-time Project Manager for the Community Trust,is to bring together all the hard work that the volunteers and members of the Trust have done over the years. I hope to make their visions come to life".
In the past he has worked in tourism development and he hopes he can bring all his skills to the role to improve the Castle Loch for visitors to the area.
The first project of the group is to get a path extended round the entire loch. Tenders are out for the fencing and path work.
Darren has big plans for the garden at the cottage which will be the Headquarters of the CLCTSG. "I have the idea of the garden just buzzing with bees and butterflies, a compost heap, flowers and herbs. It would be good to show people just what you can achieve in a small garden space and teach children about the whole cycle of life."