news updated: 13 Oct 2013

Rare visitor to Castle Loch

On Thursday 10 October at Castle Loch LNR a SOUTHERN HAWKER Dragon Fly was            observed and photographed by Brian Henderson.

Thought you might like to know that on Thursday 10 October at Castle Loch LNR I observed and photographed a SOUTHERN HAWKER Dragon Fly.

This is extremely rare in D&G and has only been recorded on two previous occasions in the region (one at Canonbie, the other at Browhouses).
It was confirmed by Richard & Barbara Mearns who state 'This is a male Southern Hawker - a very interesting record and, as far as we know, new for Castle Loch LNR. It is also as far as we know the most westerly record for D&G. It has been recorded previously at Bell's Flow (Canonbie) and Browhouses. This species has been spreading north but last couple of summers seems to have slowed it down'.