news updated: 28 Dec 2012

23 Dec Rare visit by Bittern to Castle Loch

Suzanne Storm sent these photos of a bittern taken by Brian Henderson on 23 December 2012. Read on for more details of this rare visitor. Full scale images available on Flickr.

Eurasian Bittern:  Secretive and shy, usually found in extensive Phragmites reedbeds.

A rare vagrant to inland waters in D&G (as elsewhere in Scotland).

Not recorded annually in D&G (nor in Scotland).

Some birds are believed to be migrants from the Continent that spend a few months in the area.

Migration usually begins in September and peaks in December - when most inland records are recorded.

Return migration usually begins February.

Short window of opportunity for viewing away from regional strongholds.

Second image shows location i.e. Lochside Cottage in background.

Brian Henderson