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news updated: 11 Jun 2007

What is the origin of Mounsey's Wynd?

This short lane is named after Dr James Mounsey of Rammerscales. He was born in 1710 at Skipmyre, 3 miles west of Lochmaben and his father was a friend of James Paterson, founder of the Bank of England.
Mounsey studied medicine at Edinburgh University without graduating. Seeking fame and fortune he enrolled as an unqualified surgeon in the Russian navy at St Petersburg. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society, Physician-in-Chief to the Czarina’s Army and then First Physician to the Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great.
Mounsey returned to Scotland in 1762 and bought Rammerscales Estate, building the current handsome sandstone mansion and in the garden cultivating rhubarb from seeds brought back from Russia. He was afraid that enemies in Russia might pursue him and every room in Rammerscales has 2 doors!