news updated: 06 Oct 2012

Jay-Bee’s Nursery helps hoist Owl Box into location

Well done to the children & Nursery staff from Jay-bee's Nursery who helped the Ranger install a new Tawny Owl box at the Castle Loch. More help needed in the afternoon on Thurs 8 Nov


A group of children and Nursery staff from Jay-Bee’s nursery in Lochmaben assisted the Council Ranger to install one of the new Tawny Owl boxes at the Castle Loch Local Nature Reserve, Lochmaben during the school October holidays.

A £500 grant was received from CSV Action Earth to buy the wood and tools for the new boxes.

An Owl story was read at the Castle Loch Forest Classroom and then the group helped hoist the Tawny Owl box up into the trees where the Ranger fixed it into position.

More Owl and Bird of Prey Boxes are due to be put up on the Thursday 8th November 2.00 - 4.30pm by the Lochmaben Countryside Volunteer Group. Anyone interested in helping should call the Council Ranger Service on 07834567893 for more information.

Ross & children        

Ross installing Owl box

Ross chatting to group

Jay-bees Nursery