news updated: 11 Apr 2010

Swan Rescue

Suzanne Storm and Angus Scobie rescued a cygnet from a fishing line on Saturday 10 April. Here is Suzanne's account...........

Saturday 10 April 2010

I took the 2 of my dogs out with the camera, it was such glorious day.  I walked ½ way round the loch when I saw Angus having trouble with a last years cygnet at the caravan site, it was flapping wildly and he was holding on for dear life to his rod.  I ran all the way back, and he said, some stupid woman came up to him and threw bread right over his line and the cygnet got caught up in it all.  He had already got the hooks and cut those off, but the line was well and truly all over the cygnet and they are as large as an adult swan now.

I phoned the swan rescue and they took ages to get all the details, and I said it is going to drown if you don’t hurry up.

I said this phone has GPS so you know where I am, the girl on the line said, no we do not have that facility here!

The cygnet by this time was soaking wet and still flapping wildly.  Angus started to draw the cygnet slowly to the bank, and then he got into the loch and tried again, but the cygnet keep trying to get away, slowly he tried again, and I jumped into the loch, fully clothed having shoved the dog’s leads into someone’s hand and dumped my camera on their chair.  I took my watch off and threw it to the bank, I grabbed the cygnet as I was only up to my waist in water, put my arms all around it, and very carefully made my way back to the bank, the bottom of the loch was so slippery.

We put the cygnet on the grass and gently removed a whole lot of line from its neck, and then one by one we gently lifted out a wing and got all the line from there.  Then I held it to my chest while everyone looked for line on its belly and legs and we found some more.  We inspected every inch, and as I was still in the loch, I put it back on the water and off it swam.  No one took a photo of us doing all this!!!!!!!  How sad it that!

Angus and I both went home, and I had to have a shower and complete change of clothes.  My shoes are still on the line.  I telephoned the swan rescue and told them we had done it.  I saw Angus later and he had been home for a shower and complete change of clothes, the loch does not smell too good!

It is a story with a nice ending.  I always wanted to cuddle a swan!