news updated: 03 Feb 2010

Pet rabbit rescue on Castle Loch

Heart warming tale of a pet rescue today, Wed 3 February 2010on the Castle Loch.

This is Suzanne Storm's account of the rescue.

Today I had the misfortune to see a pet dwarf lop eared rabbit out about 20 yards from the concrete jetty at Castle Loch.  The bunny was sitting on a plastic bag, that was well iced into the frozen loch.  He was covered in frost and had obviously been there all night, too scared to move.

I telephoned the Scottish RSPCA and the Police who came out after 1 ½ hours, still at least they came.  They brought drain rods and a landing net and we tied them all together and slid the net over the bunny and gently pulled him into shore.  The Annandale reporter was summoned by me and she arrived too.

There followed a discussion about what happened, the majority of us think someone slid the bunny, out onto the ice, some thought he walked out there, I don’t think that happened, why would he, last night the loch was wet as most of it was melting and this is a pet rabbit.  Why did the rabbit take a plastic bag with him to sit on, this does not add up.

A local photographer arrived on the scene and said there was no rabbit there last night when he was there.  I was there at 8am this morning just before sunrise.

How could someone do this?  It was horrible and made me cry.

The bunny was taken to the vet and he is warm now and has had his nails cut, and a full examination and is doing well.  He is a male around 3 – 4 y years old.

I have put a notice and a photo of the bunny in Pettigrew's shop to see if by chance he was stolen before this happened to him.

The pictures show the rabbit on the ice, being rescued, all iced up and then with the rescuers