news updated: 03 Jan 2010

Curling on the Kirk Loch

The cold spell has resulted in winter sports activities on the Kirk Loch for the first time in at least 8 years--see pictures

Thanks to Suzanne Storm for the pictures of the extra winter sports activities on the Kirk Loch.

They are Curling on Kirk Loch this has not been able to happen for over 8 years so someone told me, skating as well as ice hockey!  The ice is about 6” thick and the whole loch is frozen, today there were car loads of them, bringing booze to fortify them during their games, and then the emergency services had to come and watch just in case.........There were 20 men, Nith rescue and the Coast Guard, what a performance.  Health and Safety and all that.

Suzanne Storm Sunday 3 January 2010

These and other photos will be available to view on the digital photo frame in Pettigrew's shop for all to see this week

Other pictures by Tom Russell taken on 5 and 6 January