news updated: 04 Nov 2009

Just published-- New Local History Book

"World War Two - Annandale Connections" by Isabelle C Gow
contains chapters on Servicemen and Women; Evacuees; the Home Guard; POWs; Farm Life; Home Life and Childhood Memories.There are some remarkable stories and memories of war time from the towns and villages of Annandale and is fully illustrated with many hitherto unpublished photographs.

Local folk were involved in some of the most momentous events of the war - Dunkirk; The Malta Convoy; D-Day; Arnhem; The Bombing of Dresden. Find out about the enormous army camp at Halleaths; the important POW Camp at the Barony; the Battle School in Moffat; an Eaglesfield man's escape from a German POW camp as well as life as a prisoner of the Japanese. Land girls describe their jobs; children their daring escapades and farmers recall how their land was commandeered for army manoeuvres.

It can be bought from Lochmaben Post Office as well as at libraries in Lockerbie, Moffat and Annan or from the author directly. E-mail:-
or telephone 01387 811 635