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news updated: 19 Sep 2009

Who makes the best ice cream in the world?

For generations of Lochmaben residents of all ages it has to be CROLLA'S!

So famous is it that a poem has been written about it by Ian Landles of Hawick!

Crolla's Ice Cream            Tune Mull of Kintyre

Oft hev a traivelled ti places afar
By bus and railway and whiles in ma car
Mony's the wonderful thing a hev seen
But a always come back here for Crolla's ice cream

Crolla's ice cream, your taste is supreme
And at night a aye dream
O gaun ti Lochmaben
For Crolla's ice cream

A've eaten mony o Europe's delights
Italian pastas on warm Naples nights
Magnifique gateaux that taste like a dream
But the grandest of these is Crolla's ice cream


When life's journey is over and upwards I fly
To feast with the angels of God in the sky
A'm sure that the taste will familiar seem
The heavenly flavour of Crolla's ice cream