news updated: 02 Dec 2008

New Banner in Church

The new Banner depicts "The Light of the World"

In March 2006 a group of ladies met together with the idea of making a banner. Most banners are the work of one person so Lochmaben saw it as a challenge for a group to make one!

The first decision that was taken was to choose the text---The Light of the World. Then the group got to work on the original design by Sue Knight. For a variety of reasons it took Muriel Roxburgh, Kathleen Ward, Ann Wilson and Marian Howell two years to make the idea a reality. During that time they were encouraged by Freda Newman, Anne Johnston and Cathie Smith

Kathleen's lovely, artistic collage of one side of the Earth shows Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

The shape of the hills in the background are based on photographs by Sue of the Mill Loch and the four structures at the bottom are Lochmaben's premier buildings beautifully interpreted by Muriel--the Castle, Mercat Cross, the Church and the Town Hall.

Jesus said "I am the Light of the World". By choosing the text we remind ourselves that the gift of light was given to us by God.. The ladies have enjoyed making the banner and their fine needlework will be enjoyed by generations to come.