news updated: 09 Jul 2008

Interesting "Food for Free" Walk

The Ranger Service ran a "Food for Free" Walk on Sunday 13 July


A group of local people joined the Ranger Service--Ross and Tom--on a walk round part of the Castle Loch woodlands on Sunday 13 July. Ross explained how many of the plants that we pass on a walk can be used for food and drink. The sap of the Birch and the berries of the Elder Flower can be used to make beer and wine while the roots of Dandelions can be a substitute for coffee. Dandelion leaves can be used instead of spinach. Nettles are amongst the most useful plants. Tom showed how to pluck the nettle leaves without being stung and Ross then treated everyone to a nettle omelette.

Ross explained the historical and religious background to many of our common plants. It was a pleasantly relaxing walk which hopefully will be repeated in the autumn. The Rangers hope that some children might be interested in coming the next time.