Frequently asked questions

Who was George Hunter?

He was a generous benefactor to Lochmaben whose residents still benefit from the George Hunter Trust.

Where was the dugout canoe found?

Find at Lochmaben---Early Period Canoe Salvaged

Who makes the best ice cream in the world?

For generations of Lochmaben residents of all ages it has to be CROLLA'S!

What is the Annandale Way?

The Annandale Way is Scotland's latest long distance footpath opened on 12 September 2009

How can the Fringe Lily be controlled?

Where is the "Lochmaben Stone"?

Not in Lochmaben unfortunately! 

Where does the name Lochmaben come from?

What is the origin of Mounsey's Wynd?

What connection does Robert the Bruce have with Lochmaben?