Coarse fishing is available on the Castle, Kirk and Mill lochs which are stocked with perch, roach, bream, pike and eel.
Fishing is free on Kirk Loch and Mill Loch. 

The  Castle Loch was purchased in 2014  by the Lochmaben Community and the Castle Loch Lochmaben Community Trust was formed to ensure its continued conservation for the town and its visitors.

Lochmaben residents can fish on the Castle Loch for no charge if they have obtained a ticket/permit online from Castle Loch Fishery

Fishermen must have a ticket/permit before they start fishing, obtained from Pettigrew's or online. 

Visitors can buy a Daily fishing ticket/permit at Pettigrew's of Lochmaben on the High Street next to the Magic Wok or online from Castle Loch Fishery
 A Daily ticket for 2 rods costs £11 per person per day. For 3 rods the cost is £15.

Overnight fishing is permitted but no camping is allowed round the Loch. There are strict Pike Fishing Rules which are issued with the ticket.

Castle Loch Fishery site also contains comprehensive information on fishing at the Castle Loch. From October they will have a disabled access boatavailable for fishing and the Ranger Service. Further information on fishing on the Castle Loch, 

 Please contact   Bruce Gillie 07773 658 136 or Martin Mitchell 07519 780 362.  E-mail:

There is wheelchair access at various points around the Castle Loch (marked on the Display Boards at the loch).
With lochs being S.S.S.Is, fishing should be limited to the permitted locations which are clearly marked on the notice boards.
Pettigrew’s of Lochmaben sell bait and fishing equipment and can provide advice and further information on fishing in Lochmaben and the surrounding district.


Local man, David McRae caught this 9 lb 12 oz bream in the Mill Loch in June 2009, using Pettigrew's tackle and bait.





Local fisherman, Angus Scobie has had a productive start in August 2008, fishing on the Mill Loch.. Using the local bait from Pettigrews, his catch of bream and roach is illustrated below.









22lb pike in the Kirk Loch can be caught at any time!







The lower pictures were taken at the Kirk Loch in 2006.PikeAngus with pike

The fish below were caught in the Castle Loch by fishermen using local bait supplied by Pettigrew’s of Lochmaben
The bream were caught by Simon and his mate and the 27 lb 9 oz pike by Martin, the Castle Loch bailiff.

BreamBreamMartin with pike


The 3 photographs at the bottom of the page were taken at the Castle Loch in October 2006
Daniel holds a 9lb 12oz bream caught using Pettigrew’s bread crumbs
Shaun cradles a 10lb 11oz Bream while Alan displays a 6lb 2oz Tench both caught using the local bait provided by Pettigrew’s

Daniel with BreamShaun with breamAlan with Tench