Annandale Speakers

Founded in the 1950s under the name ‘The Mid-Annandale Toastmasters Club’ and later (1989) renamed ‘Annandale Speakers’. The purpose of the club was and is to provide a regular meeting point for members to practise the art of public speaking and participate in other activities organised by the club from time to time.

Meetings take place fortnightly from end of September/ beginning of October and run until beginning of April the following year. A number of curling matches are arranged during the year in which members are encouraged to participate. An annual ‘Smoker’ (Dinner) is held usually in February.

Meetings are held in the Lockerbie Bowling Green Clubhouse, 4 Glasgow Road (adjacent to the Ice Rink ). Limited street parking available and in the area round the Lockerbie Hub ( across the road-- entrance from Dryfe Road ).

New members are assured of a warm welcome.

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Sandy Grant, President  Tel:  01387 810487    E-mail:

George Gilhooly, Secretary  Tel:  01387 264325      E-mail:
Session 2019-20

Meeting 9--29 February 2020

February 2020--Presentation to Kerr Little by Sandy Grant

                         Presentation to Kerr Little--50 Years a member!
Meeting 8--30 January 2020

Meeting 7--9 January 2020
Meeting 6--19 December 2019
Meeting 5--28 November 2019

Meeting 4--14 November 2019

Meeting 3--31 October 2019

October 2019--Presentation to Michael Dickie--with Sandy Grant

                       Presentation to Michael Dickie--50 years a member
Meeting 2--17 October 2019

Meeting 1--26 September 2019

Session 2018-19

Meeting 11--4 April 2019

Meeting 10--21 March 2019

Meeting 9--28 February 2019

Meeting 8--31 January 2019

Meeting 7--10 January 2019

Meeting 6--13 December 2018

Meeting 5--29 November 2018

Meeting 4--15 November 2018

Meeting 3--1 November 2018

October 2018--Presentation to Kenneth Morland--with John Kerr & John Reid

                       Presentation to Kenneth Morland--25 Years a member

Meeting 2--18 October 2018

Meeting 1--27 September 2018
March 2018--Presentation to Andrew Armstrong (Part 1)--50 years a member
                   Presentation to Andrew Armstrong (Part 2)
February 2018--Presentation to Ian Sloan--25 years a member (photo only)
                       Presentation to Ian Sloan--25 years a member (with names)
November 2016--John Reid Presentation--25 years a member
November 2015   Ronnie Callander presentation--50 years a member!
 March 2014     Jim Manson presentation--50 years a member!